About the game

Brazilian Root

Release year: 2017
Rating: Not yet rated

Dev since:    :   Jun 05, 2014
Engine    :   Cryengine 3
Genre    :   Action,First person shooter,Hardcore FPS
Platforms    :   PC
Budget    :   Confidential
Age    :   18+

Brazilian Root is an indie action old school hardcore game presented in first-person perspective. The game is set mainly in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Benjamin, a former soldier of the special operations unit, now is dedicating his life to help the people. He was leading government elections, but 30 days before the election day, his daughter was kidnapped and he will revive his combatent days to discover who was responsible for this. You will need to help Benjamin find his daughter and get his revenge.


Tired of quick time events and 8 minutes cinematics? We are tired too.
Brazilian Root is totally focused on the action and the old school fast paced feeling.

  • Good Graphics and the weapons we all like.
  • Only 1 checkpoint/savegame per level.
  • Die many times until you know the level and enemies. Conquer your objective like in the old times!
  • Only Single Player Campaign. Yes.

//     Questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us: hello@patriagames.com

Current stage of development

  • Models / Textures
  • AI
  • Sounds / Music
  • Levels

We are currently focused on the creative part of the game levels. Working to make the interface more dynamic and enjoyable to the user. Also, we are reviewing all the graphics and gameplay experience. Artificial intelligence is being enhanced and extended to a more realistic simulation.

Latest game trailer

This trailer does not represent the final product. It is just a preview of what can be found in the game demo.
Until the release date, several changes can be made.


Press Kit


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"Brilliant absorbing game demo with a great story line well worth playing . I have enjoyed a lot playing this FPS with my sound on full blast. Even the music is superb and matches the game play. I love old school like FPS games with a bit of a challenge."

Roger Salim

"Old school harcore shooter! The graphics are very good, guns look realistic and the audio is pretty good to, it has a fun and imersive story and plenty of packed action. It reminds me of an old school shooter with actual graphics and gameplay. A lot of fun playing the game demo!"

Michel Santos

"This game demo is a single player FPS in it´s purest form. Lots of enemies, nice weapons and a very good experience. It´s a nice mix of oldschool gameplay and modern approach to shooters. This game has a story that's action packed and brutal. The first thing you'll see about this game is its interesting concept, spectacular graphics, and riveting gameplay. As you play, you'll continue to be engrossed in the story, the secrets, and the game itself."

Mike Dellariva